David Dalmau

Biography: David Dalmau,Spain

Painter, fine artist, photographer and theatre designer David Dalmau was born on December 4, 1962. His father was also an artist as well as an art collector and businessman who took his son with him around the world to visit the leading galleries and museums. This formative experience influenced Dalmau to teach himself to paint, and a life-long love of the arts was born. He augmented his artistic pursuits with formal studies in economics, architecture and aviation. In 1982, Dalmau left the United States to pursue his dream of living in Europe. He settled in an old fisherman’s house in Sitges near Barcelona where his uncle, Pepe, had a small studio. He dedicated himself to painting, and was successful in developing a distinctive style – a style he has nurtured up to today, and which distinguishes his expansive and diverse art work.

His paintings honor the tradition of European figurative expressionism, focusing on his fondness for urban motives and highlighting his impressive technique of laborious construction while combining a unique blend of simplicity and sophistication through his brilliant use of color and image. This is refined and precise drawing that captures festive environments, anonymous crowds and eternal happiness.

In the early 1990s, he worked in Brazil as an assistant curator during São Paulo’s 21st International Biennial. This experience inspired him to work towards establishing residency in Brazil and developing an atelier and gallery there. Today, Dalmau conducts his busy work and exhibition schedule from Miami, Barcelona and Sao Paulo. His collective and individual works are presented in galleries throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, and he is also regularly in demand as an image designer for some of the top companies in the world.